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In Future, Augmented and Virtual Reality will be as popular as smartphones at workplace

New research suggests that tech-savvy consumers inside the workplace are expected to accelerate the adoption of superior technologies like augmented reality and virtual reality (AR/VR). New research data shows that employee attitude is inclining towards next-generation workplace technologies. Employees are increasingly adopting emerging technologies like AR/VR to help the daily corporate challenges, like adhering to procedures and giving access to information. In the same manner, these technology developers need to address worker's issues like privacy, user comfort, and device distraction.

In reality, around 75% of workers have never used these AR/VR headsets or similar devices. Still, among these employees, approximately 78% of them are willing to use these devices at the workplace. The survey shows that employees are curious about using this advanced technology at the workplace, how it will help them to improve their on-the-job skills and goals, and critical factors driving adoption. The participants who took part in the survey said that they think the screens will be replaced by the new displays like contact lenses, smart glasses, and headsets. Still, they believe that the many changes and improvements to existing AR/VR forms need to ensure successful deployment and adoption. Nearly half of the workers, concern about their privacy when using this technology though they agree that they can gain easy access to learning new skills, information or adhere to processes. Similarly, half of the workers feel that they might feel awkward while using these AR/VR devices as they might not be comfortable wearing these devices for more extended periods. While answering this survey, approximately 61% of the employees feel that a less visible workplace would help them to recall critical information on hand for process and a task.