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What are Snacks Pallets ?

Snacks pallets are semi-finished products, which are becoming favored choice among the consumers across the globe. They are cooked either by frying or by hot air expansion. These products are attracting customers as they have stability, longer shelf life, and bulk density. These products are convenient for consumers to store as compared to other alternative products. 

Due to awareness about oily food, the consumers are shifting to snack pallets as they can be converted into the ready-to-eat form using hot air expansion techniques. This process prevents the formation of acrylamide, which is considered to cause heart disease as no oil is used for frying. 

Snack pellets are prepared with various raw materials like cereals, potatoes or vegetable powders, and grains such as corn, tapioca, rice, and wheat. Snack pellets are available in the market in various shapes, flavors, forms, textures, and sizes. They are widely used in the savory snacks industry that includes chips and puffs. Snack pellets are also called semi-finished products that are cooked by the process of frying or hot air expansion.

Multigrain type snack pallets are prepared using various grains with high nutritional value. Multigrain snack pallets are popular as they have high fiber content, with low fats. If compared with potato and snacks based snack pallets, the multigrain pallets have more health and taste benefits. Wheat is the most popularly used grain in the snacks pallets market. Single grain pallets are also prepared, but they are not as popular as multigrain pallets due to their low nutritional values. 

Based on the form, the snacks pallet market is divided into laminated, die-face, gelatinized, and tridimensional. Gelatinized pallets are uniform in thickness, generally flat and had holes on the surface. To maintain the shape upon roasting or frying, the pallets are kept thick. They are prepared in a specialized high-speed rotary cutting machine. This automated machine sequentially and synchronizing punches the holes and cuts the sheet of snack in the desired size and shape.  

The dominant force driving the increase in demand for the snacks pallet market is the globalization. The manufacturers are investing huge funds for introducing innovative products with varied flavors and textures taking into consideration changing tastes of customers.

Snacks pallet market is a fast-growing and highly competitive market due to the presence of large as well as medium scale industries. The market trends will be ever-changing due to customer preference and purchasing patterns of consumers.